Avoid Soy Like the Plague


Dangers of Soy by Vivien Veil

You see and hear about soy in all the fitness magazines and health shops.  So, is soy really a potent wonder food?

Well, according to those in the know, the answer is an emphatic NO. Unfermented soy products like soy milk and soy cheese unleash mayhem on your body, so it’s best to steer clear from them.


But what about all of those healthy Japanese people who devour soy?

The Japanese consume fermented soy products like tempeh and natto, which is far different from your average soy burger.  According to health guru Natalia Rose, “The Japenese do not eat nearly as much soy as soy product manufacturers would have you believe.  They do not eat the same heavily processed soy products that Americans eat, like imitation chicken and pseudo-fish.”   You see, the Japanese munch on edamame pods and small sums of tofu.  Rose states, “Soy sauce is fine because it isn’t concentrated.  You may also employ small amounts of raw miso in recipes.”

Tell me why unfermented soy is so bad then…

Soy pertains to the bean family. It counts chickpeas, kidney beans, peanuts, etc. as its cousins.  Waaait! Did you say peanuts? Aren’t they nuts?  No, they belong to the bean family.  Now let me finish.

All members of the bean family hold an unwelcome secret. They contain high levels of phytic acid. What the heck is wrong with phytic acid?  Phytic acid can block the consumption of calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc in your intestinal tract. Worst of all, it obstructs the consumption of iodine, which is imperative for growth and metabolism by the thyroid gland.

I’ve heard soy causes a lot of mucus.  What do you know about that?

Soy is the most mucus forming food.  It gives off something called mucoid matter. Mucoid matter is sticky and resembles the sludge monster.  This sludge monster likes messing with your body’s rhythm and productivity.  It’s an angry creature who likes to cause havoc in your respiratory tract, so asthmatics BEWARE.  This mucoid matter also creates digestive issues like IBS, and ultimately makes you gain weight and age quicker.

Does it cause cancer? I ask because EVERYTHING seems to cause cancer nowadays. 

Sorry to disappoint you, but yes, it has been linked to cancer. Here’s a list of everything it’s been linked to:

Stay Away from GMO Soy by Vivien Veil .jpeg

Dr. Kaayla Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story, points out thousands of studies linking soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune-system breakdown, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders and infertility—even cancer and heart disease.

Other soy dangers:

  • Soy’s phytoestrogens mimic the female hormone, oestrogen. Soy likes to be a copycat, which in this case is deadly. Drinking just two glasses of soy a day is enough to change a women’s menstruation cycle.
  • Avoid giving infants soy. Babies who are exclusively fed soy formula eat the equivalent of 5 birth control pills worth of oestrogen daily.  Check Weston Price for more info on that.
  • Toxic levels of Aluminum and Manganese – soybeans are processed in aluminum tanks. Soy formula is up to 80 times higher in manganese than is found in women’s breast milk.
  • 91% of American soy is genetically modified (GM). GM soy is scary because it can lead to infertility problems.  Now that will reduce the population won’t it?
One thing is for sure. STAY AWAY FROM GM (genetically modified) SOY. Anything GM for that matter.  Do your research on why.  Google should be your best friend.

How do I avoid non-fermented soy? 

Avoid processed foods and learn to love natural whole foods.  Learn how to cook and prepare your own meals.  If you can’t do this most of the time, check the ingredients on the back of packaged foods to see if your enemy soy is visiting.
Check out Dr Mercola’s stuff on soy.  He’s got LOADS of articles on why soy is bad, and best of all, he’s credible and clued up.
V x

3 comments on “Avoid Soy Like the Plague

  1. […] for pasteurised cow’s milk in your morning coffee.  See which one becomes your favourite.  I’m not a fan of soy milk as it has been linked to breast cancer and other negative side effects.  Plus, most soy is […]

  2. Luke says:

    I drink soy when I’m out and rice milk and any other non dairy milk isn’t available. Almond milk is freaking expensive and I ain’t paying for that. I’ll make my own almond milk.
    Mercola’s cool except for the fact that he acts like a car salesman.

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