Steve Williams is No Racist


“It was my aim to shove it right up that black a**hole.”

– Steve Williams 

New Zealeander Steve Williams isn’t the most liked character at the moment.  He’s caused quite a stir in the golf world because of the quote above.  You see, that quote was about Tiger Woods, his former boss.  Steve Williams worked for Tiger Woods as his caddy for 13 years. No one really knows why Tiger fired him, but it appears Williams is awfully bitter.

Tiger Woods’ former caddie recently made that “racist” remark at some awards ceremonial dinner in Shanghai, China.  Williams has already apologised for the inappropriate wisecrack.

He posted a statement on his website saying: “I apologise for the comments I made last night at the annual Caddie Awards dinner in Shanghai. Players and caddies look forward to this evening all year and the spirit is always joking and fun.

I now realise how my comments could be construed as racist.  However I assure you that was not my intent.  I sincerely apologise to Tiger and anyone else I have offended.”

Tiger Woods revealed at a media conference at the Australian Open that “Stevie is certainly not a racist — there’s no doubt about that. It was a comment that shouldn’t have been made and certainly one he wishes he didn’t make…We met face to face and we talked it through… He did apologise.”

Was Williams comment racist? 

I don’t believe he meant any harm in calling Tiger an a**hole.  He’s just hurt and bitter because he’s no longer  hanging out with Tiger like the good ole days.  Williams became Woods’ caddy early in 1999 and always defended Woods from obsessed fans.  I mean, he wrestled a $7,000 camera from a fan who shot a picture of Tiger during a golf match and tossed it in a pond!

All of that hard work to then hear on July 20, 2011 that he’s fired.  So, the guy’s hurt and rightly so. After all, he helped turn Woods into a top-ranked golfer and stood by him through Woods’ darkest moments — Adultery ring a bell?  Their friendship fell through, and Williams feels betrayed.  He called Woods an a*sshole.  So what?  It doesn’t mean he’s a racist.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Steve Williams is a racist?

4 comments on “Steve Williams is No Racist

  1. Fernando says:

    He is a racist. So many racists here in this world. Damn them all!

  2. Luke says:

    Damn Blogboy beat me to the 1st comment. Tiger is still my fav golfer.

  3. Keith says:

    Your article rocks. Short and to the point.

  4. Well thought out point of view – makes a nice change from the usual rubbish lots of bloggers post on the subject.

  5. Blogboy says:

    People are so thin skinned nowadays, you can’t say anything and you are branded some anti- this or that or in this case a racist. Sadly for all those who are convinced SW is a racist, Tiger insist he is not.

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