Never Trust a Magazine Cover


What constitutes a beautiful person? Tall? Pimple free skin? Silky hair? Skinny? If you could change anything physically about you, what would it be? Many of us will jump at the chance to change something  about ourselves.

I blame the media for making people unhappy with their looks. How many of us are affected by what we see in the mirror?  We must thank the magazine, TV and film corporations for unveiling their “perfect way to look.”  

I urge every woman to watch the above video. Men should watch it too, especially those who compare their girlfriends and wives to famous celebrities and models. Celebrities and models are NOT flawless and people need to stop idolizing them.  My friend told me that her ex would compare her to girls in lad’s magazines, such as Maxim, FHM, and GQ. She also developed a low self esteem after he called her fat – even though she was already thin!

I grew up inundated with fashion magazines and loved watching Fashion TV. Supermodels and fashion campaigns graced my bedroom walls. I’d raid my sister’s rooms for their copies of Elle and Cosmo at a very young age. Warning: Very young girls should stay away from those magazines. Those magazines WILL remove some of their innocence, and their self-regard and confidence levels WILL drop.  It’ll alter the way they view themselves and society.

Immersing myself with models and celebrities played a big part in how I look at myself. Now I’m working in an industry where my looks determine whether or not I’ll put food on the table. However, I’m not consumed with my body because I simply eat healthy and exercise.  It takes discipline and determination. Trust me, it’s not that easy.

I’m very familiar with airbrushing and know how much work goes into transforming pretty girls into “goddesses.” I commented to a photographer how much I liked one of his pictures. He told me, “It didn’t start off that way! The girl showed up with really bad skin, so it took me ages to retouch that picture.” You would never have thought that had you seen that photo.

I meet models all the time who don’t even resemble their pictures. What you see isn’t always what you get. Unfortunately, the majority of girls aren’t involved in modelling or the entertainment business, so they don’t have a clue that it’s all FAKE. Most people assume those cover models are born perfect, and they’ll never be able to achieve those looks naturally. It’s no wonder girls and even guys are resulting to drastic measures like plastic surgery and eating disorders.  Many of those models and celebrities on display AREN’T 100% natural. They’ve been told, “Hey, if you want to make it in this industry, you’re going to have to get a nose job, breast implants, and veneers.”

I know guys who are paranoid about losing their hair, get Botox and wear shoes that make them appear taller! It’s even affecting guys! John Wayne is turning in his grave.

Ashlee Simpson definitely had a nose job

Plastic surgery? –  Megan Fox

Actor Patrick Demsey: Did he have a rhinoplasty?

Britney Spears

Worst of all,  if a celebrity or model gains a tiny bit of weight, the media brands them “fat.” Just look at the recent Miley Cyrus “scandal” where the media condemned her for looking like the average girl.  Heaven forbid Miley gets too thin because then they’ll say she’s got an eating disorder.

The media needs to publish more articles on healthy eating and exercise – not to mention putting healthier looking women on covers and adverts without retouching them to death. Actresses and models shouldn’t have to worry about their weight 24/7. They should get work based on their talent, personality and looks – not because they’re a size 0.

Remember that EVERY advert that you see has been ALTERED. That female on that magazine cover doesn’t look like that in real life. Yes, she’s pretty, but she’s not PERFECT. No one is.

V x

9 comments on “Never Trust a Magazine Cover

  1. Tanya says:

    This is something close to my heart. There are a lot of girls at my high school with eating disorders, and I can only think it’s because of stuff like this. They want to be popular and want the hottest guys to like them. If they only knew that guys like girls with meat on them, curvy girls. I think girls should boycott these magazines.

  2. Alison says:

    Shared this with my friends. 🙂

  3. I don’t think this is such a bad thing. Women need to stop getting lazy and fat. They need to exercise and stop stuffing their faces with crap.

  4. I also grew up reading Vogue and it TOTALLY messed my perception of beauty. I look in the mirror and always find faults in myself. I developed an eating disorder and am slowly recovering. I also think little girls should stay away from magazines. I wish they’d put healthier looking girls on them and not stupidly thin ones. Girls like Kate Moss have ruined girl’s mentality.

  5. Sheila says:

    I printed this out and gave it to my 5th grade classroom. Thanks so much for writing something like this!

  6. Lulu G says:

    I think it was the model Coco Rocha who came out and spoke about eating disorders. She’s now anorexia looking again.

  7. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I look at ads now. I am happy to know that these are all photoshop effects. I wish I knew this when I was thirteen.

  8. Vivien Veil says:

    The Daily Mail newspaper just wrote a piece similar to this.

    The US banned a “Cover Girl” advert for “misleading” people into believing the model’s eyelashes were from their mascara — when in fact they were digitally enhanced by Photoshop.

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