Stop Waxing and Start Threading


I started plucking my eyebrows in middle school. I learned about tweezing from watching my sisters, although mine never turned out that well. I tweezed them to death and they ended up looking like Pamela Anderson’s. Thin and unsightly to say the least – not very pretty for an 11-year-old.

“There’s nothing more ugly than over-plucked eyebrows. Thin and extremely high arched brows make you look older – not younger.” 

Pamela Anderson's emaciated eyebrows are a NO-NO. Do this if you want to appear 10 years older.

At the time, I thought my thin eyebrows made me look great, but then things changed. Thick eyebrows became popular, and so I kissed my tweezers goodbye and handed them over to the professionals. My sister Michelle introduced me to waxing, but that turned out to be a disaster. I walked out with a rash and bumps all over my brows – needless to say, I never waxed them again.

Fast forward a few years later, and I’m here in London. Eyebrow shaping took a whole different meaning after moving here – especially with the “threading” craze.  My former skin therapist recommended I try threading after I complimented her perfectly arched brows.

Eyebrows by Blink

Soon after, I hunted all over London for the best threading place. Sadly, I walked out with badly butchered brows from many places claiming to provide phenomenal “threading” services. Never trust places offering cheap and affordable brow shaping. I wasted so much time letting my brows grow out again – not to mention money.  Not every therapist knows what they’re doing.

I then went to the best place in London. Blink Brow Bar is the best place to get your eyebrows shaped. Trust me, I know! Yes, £17 is pricey, but there you’ll find real experts who know what they’re doing – not amateurs.

“Doing for brows what walk-in nail bars have done for manicures, Blink has cleverly made the art of brow sculpting accessible to everyone. Whichever Blink brow bar we go to, no matter which therapist we see, we unfailingly get the perfect shape every time.” 

– Harpers Bazaar

Blink Brow Bar at Fenwick Department Store

I walk into Fenwick at Brent Cross and spot Blink. A friendly lady greets me with a smile and tells me she has a few openings in the afternoon. I think, “I might as well pay the £17. If Bazaar magazine swears by this place, I know I’m going to walk out with the perfect looking brows I’ve EVER had.”

Blink experts at work

I sit down on a dentist style recliner and tell her what I want: “I want to keep my eyebrows thick and with a nice arch.” She hands me a mirror and explains how she’s going to shape my brows – drawing a line with a white pencil.

She then takes out a normal cotton thread and puts it between her fingers and teeth – weaving it over my skin and extracting my hair. Next, she trims my brows and finishes me off with a relaxing head massage. 15 minutes later I’m showing my husband my perfectly arched brows. He tells me, “Wow, they look beautiful. They’re good! Money worth spent!”

No redness, no pain, no bumps, no chemicals, and certainly no mismatched ugly brows! A bonus is the results last for several weeks! I leave a happy client and will never go anywhere else in London.  I must thank the Middle East for bringing this concept to the western world.

Next on my list… Find a way to get my husband to try it out!  🙂

COST £17


Vanita Parti: Founder of Blink

2 comments on “Stop Waxing and Start Threading

  1. Demi says:

    I love threading. I live here in the Uk and see threading stations all over. I saw one at Superdrug, but not sure if I’d have one of them ladies do that on me.

  2. Minky says:

    Bushy eyebrows are back in fashion. Those who overplucked are not so lucky now.

  3. Anel says:

    I’ve seen Blink around town, but haven’t used them. I like Shavato a lot and I know a lot of celebrities like using Shavato.

  4. Maria says:

    my mom told me that she wouldn’t try threading because the ladies use their saliva and it touches your skin. i don’t know. i think i will try it.

  5. Eyebrows do make a lot of difference. It’s too bad your hand at it didn’t work out well, but i’m glad you found a place where the results suit you. 😀

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