The New Miley Cyrus

You know what annoys me? Whenever schizophrenic tabloids write about how celebrities are either TOO THIN or TOO FAT. 
Don’t they have anything else to write about? Their celebrity idea box must be low to continue writing about who’s thin and who’s not.
Take Miley Cyrus for example. The media began calling her “fat” and “how she needs to go on a diet.”  Blah Blah Blah!  It’s no wonder celebrities and those in the public eye are obsessed with their appearance.  They regularly read derogatory headlines about themselves. Heck, if every tabloid posted pictures of me saying that I’m “fat” —  it would definitely affect me to a degree.
That’s probably one of the reasons Miley Cyrus changed her diet and started exercising. Who wants to be ridiculed about their weight on a daily basis?  Plus, the poor girl probably wasn’t getting many job offers.
Imagine if the media did the same with the average Joe and Sue – WOW! They’d go all out to lose weight  in order to fit the world’s mold of perfection.
When will the media stop telling us how we should look like?

What are you waiting for? Please leave a comment below.

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