Miranda Kerr Interview


I’m a fan of Aussie model Miranda Kerr. I think she’s a positive role model – who goes out of her way advocating health, fitness and organic living.  Best of all, she doesn’t look like Skeletor’s sister – and it helps that she’s always smiling.

She seems to possess it all – a super successful modelling career (first Australian model to join Victoria’s Secret), founder of her own skincare range Kora Organics, married to the gorgeous British actor Orlando Bloom, and mother to an adorable 18-month old baby boy named Flynn.  Oh, and of course a body to die for!

It’s no wonder she’s the new face of Reebok’s EasyTone footwear range. They certainly chose the best model to front their trainers. She’s an avid fitness freak and practices what she preaches. (I think she’s a lot better than British model Kelly Brook for this campaign)

“I like working out because it makes me feel good. I think that health is wealth.”

Women’s Fitness interviewed Mrs Bloom in this coming month’s August issue, and I had to share it with you guys. So, what are Miranda’s secrets to a great body? Read away…

Yoga & Pilates

It’d be tempting to put Miranda’s scorching hot figure down to good genes, but she works hard at keeping her curves in runway-ready shape.

“I try to do at least half an hour of yoga every day and then I add in pilates and some strength training with weights and resistance bands. I’m into strength and toning and get my cardio from walking.”

And she’s no newcomer to the fitness scene, either – Miranda’s had a long relationship with exercise.

“I was a gymnast when I was younger and I’ve always liked being active and conditioning my body.”

There’s no doubt workouts have played a huge role in sculpting Miranda’s trademark lithe limbs and toned abs, but the Victoria’s Secret model doesn’t workout solely for the body-beautiful benefits – it helps her deal with her busy workload, too.

“It can be a challenge, especially after travelling or if my schedule is hectic, but I think about how good I’m going to feel afterwards.

Working out keeps me mentally fit and positive, so I know I just have to get on and do it. It’s important to take care of yourself, because then you can perform at your optimum.”

Healthy Habits

Unlike many stars in the spotlight, Miranda isn’t a fan of fad diets and takes a realistic approach to nutrition, eating everything in moderation.

“I think that life is about a balance and it’s really important to not deprive yourself of something because if you do, you crave it even more.”

Her super healthy attitude is based on her practical knowledge of food:

“I studied nutrition so I’m a certified health coach. I’m licensed to teach people about healthy eating habits and what not to eat.

I love food that’s full of life; raw and organic.”

A world away from the cliché of a starving model, it’s clear that food is one of the joys of Miranda’s life.

“I love to have people over to the house and cook for them and have dinner parties. I cook anything – fish, a roast- it really depends on who’s coming and what they feel like and what my husband feels like eating.”

A devotee of exotic foods, she also piles her plate with antioxidant rich fruit.

“There are so many superfoods which are amazing – coconut, blueberries, noni. We have a vegetable patch in Los Angeles, so I pick veggies from there. I also love kale, spinach, fennel, avocado – I like to eat clean.”

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    I wonder if she’s getting a divorce from Bloom????

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