3 comments on “Shisa2

  1. Timothy Bell says:

    Hmmmm… I only saw the picture above, not the commentary it was part of. Oh, well.

  2. Timothy Bell says:

    You may be unfamiliar with Tupper Saussy, author of the book, “Rulers of Evil” about the Jesuits and their hand behind the founding of United States. This post is way too short to adequately explain how the Mark of Cain mentioned in the Bible continues to this day in the form of governments as the representatives of Cain, who invented the government institution in whatever form it takes. Dogs symbolically represent Cain and systematic evil. Here is a quote from Tupper in response to a question:

    “Every Buddhist temple in Laos is guarded by naga, the serpent with the mouth of a dog. In ancient Babylonian icons, the dog often was a metaphor for Cain, from whose name is derived from the Latin canis, “dog.” Nagas seem to say that the serpent’s brilliant wisdom is preached through Cain’s mouth, a notion corroborated by the Bible.

    Another persistent image in southeast Asian buddhism is the golden serpent, a pair or more of which guard every temple. Wouldn’t Cain have deified the serpent for providing the divine knowledge of good and evil which enabled him to command slaves to mine the earth’s gold for him?”

    The shisas above represents warding off evil (mouths open) or keeping good spirits in (mouth closed). But the dog (Cain – evil) is controlling both and only God can actually do both.

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