The Occult History of Valentine’s Day


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This Valentine’s Day, you may find yourself sharing a romantic dinner with your loved one.  The moon and stars gazing upon you both (or maybe not if you live in England); it is a perfect romantic setting any other day of the week, but this is February 14th.  Both men and women try harder to be extra sentimental on Valentine’s Day.

The ancient Romans would completely disapprove of this method of celebration.  After all, you must give thanks to the pagan Romans for giving us the real origins of Valentine’s Day.

Do you know how they celebrated this “romance” holiday?  Close your eyes and picture naked Roman men chasing after women – and whipping them with raw goat and dog skins.  From February 13 – 15, the Romans celebrated Valentine’s Day in this fashion during the feast of Lupercalia – also known as the Wolf Festival.

According to tradition, the festival turned into a fertility rite celebration because of a female wolf who allowed Roman twins, Romulus and Remus, to suck on her nipples.  The female wolf’s brothers officiated the festival asking for animal sacrifices of two goats and a dog.  Why the whipping? The women believed getting whipped promoted fertility.

We must give Roman Emperor Claudius II credit for unwittingly giving us the name: Valentine’s Day. He killed two guys named Valentine on February 14 of different years in the 3rd century.  The Catholic Church commemorated their death by naming the celebration Valentine’s Day.

Enter Pope Gelasius I

In A.D. 496, Pope Gelasius I got fed up with the Roman’s sinful festival and banned it altogether.  However, he did not completely ban it. He merely combined the Catholic version of St. Valentine’s Day with the Roman’s Lupercalia.  The bloody sacrifices stopped, but the whole fertility notion continued.

Apart from legend, the first affiliation between romance and February 14th goes back to Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare. Valentine’s Day was a hit throughout Great Britain and Europe.  The holiday ultimately hit American soil, and thanks to Hallmark Cards in 1913, Valentine’s Day has skyrocketed in the money making department.

So there you have it.  The hellish beginnings of Valentine’s Day in a nutshell.

5 Facts of Vday by VV

3 comments on “The Occult History of Valentine’s Day

  1. Well written and researched, Vivien! And as a plus, you have given men and women everywhere are very good excuse for no longer celebrating this holiday! We all know that we should be loving and bestowing gifts year round anyway. 🙂

  2. Timothy Bell says:

    It is a never ending fight that Satan wields against the God-ordained institution of marriage between a man and a woman. It is supposed to be a simple relationship; the woman gives her life, her all to her man, the man protects and provides leadership and love to the woman. In their union, God is the one who gives life in the womb. Simple, innocent and holy. A reflection of our relationship collectively with God.

    But we had/have pagan rituals perverting relationships, gay agendas and pornography being so easily accessible and tempting. Feminism convinced women to be and act like men, making them unappealing to men (at least men with no emotional issues). Premarital sex is the norm even in churches. Trust has fallen apart between the sexes. Young people have become confused about what is right and wrong but eventually don’t care but just doing what feels good at the moment.

    What to do? Well, you can only be accountable for yourself. If you know the truth about sex and relationships and the Source of life, then you follow God’s commands even though it is against the flow of society. Of course, you will stand out and suffer some (or a lot) of ridicule but this is the life of Christ and you become a light in this world. How many follow your example or dismiss it doesn’t matter…. You will get your reward in the eternal afterlife where it infinitely matters the most, in the most important relationship of all, the one with God himself.

  3. Timothy Bell says:

    I knew about other holidays with pagan origins but not about Valentines Day. Wow, did Roman women thought the whippings could knock some eggs out of their ovaries? I wonder what they think would make men more fertile? I think I don’t want to know!! : )

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