Motivation to Exercise


Get Outta Bed and Move your Body

Exercise Elevates Mood and Destroys Fatigue

Regular exercise combats stress, fights depression, boosts confidence, and diminishes anxiety.  You can thank endorphins for that.  Your body releases chemicals called endorphins that turn frowns upside down.  This euphoric high gives you energy and motivation to continue living life to its fullest.  Best of all, this happy feeling lasts long after a workout session.

Just one exercise session increases circulation and mental focus.  It works much better than a cup of coffee!  You will see your body changing after one month of consistent exercising.  Not to mention – exercise enhances strength – making you as strong as the Hulk.  Well, not exactly, but almost.  🙂

Here are some pictures that will hopefully inspire you to put on your trainers, start sweating and eat more raw food.

- Vivien Veil

exercise quote

raw food vivien veil


Smoothie Ingredients




Biltong Salad Picture for FB

male fitness quote

5 comments on “Motivation to Exercise

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  2. […] Image from Vivien Viel- Motivation to exercise Blog […]

  3. saleh says:

    Thanks a lot, you changed me forever !

  4. I hate to exercise, but know it is good for me. I like the feeling that I get after a tough workout, I admit. I will try and exercise more because of what you wrote.

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