The Annoying Girl Moves Guys Hate


couples arguing

By:  Vivien Veil

Remember how captivated you felt after meeting that one special guy?  There’s no point in hiding our sheer infatuation with guys who tick all the right boxes.  From their signature scents, alluring style, and protective eyes to their favourite music that triggers memories – everything begins to remind you of them.

Even so, it’s not just women who are left mesmerized.  Ladies know exactly what to do to baffle the brains of men simply by what they wear and how they walk – not to mention saying everything the guy wants to hear.  Does “Whatever you like” ring a bell?  If not, I recommend you watch Coming to America.

Respectively, we always say and do things that drive men bonkers, and no matter how beautiful and sweet we are, most men prefer the single life over putting up with these undesirable personality traits.

Now, here is the inside scoop on what annoys guys the most.  These guys give you their tips, so that you won’t scare that “special” guy away.

"What annoys me most is women who settle for less.  Women use the ticking time clock as an excuse to jump into relationships.  Men do this, too, but it's mostly just women." - Allen

“What annoys me most are women who settle for less. Women use the ticking time clock as an excuse to jump into relationships. Men do this, too, but it’s mostly just women.” – Allen



“What annoys me about women is their constant nagging and complaining.  I also can’t stand their emotional instability – like getting worked up over small things.  Another pet peeve is how they can be very manipulative.” – Daniel


"There's nothing really that annoys me about women.  Certain personalities annoy me, but this can be adopted by men as well." - Dirk

“There’s nothing really that annoys me about women.  Certain personalities annoy me, but this can be adopted by men as well.” – Dirk



“What bothers me about girls is how they can be very indecisive and insecure.”  – Gerhard


“What annoys me are women who don’t like children.  Other turn offs are being full of themselves, snobby, and having no self confidence.” – Hein


“What annoys me about women is that they can be flaky.  They say they’re going to do something, and then they don’t.  They’re just not reliable.”  – James



“What’s annoying is their indecisiveness.  We like to arrange romantic little trips out to unusual places, but sometimes we like a woman to take the lead.  Even just 25% of the time would be nice.”  – Max



“I think it’s annoying when a single girl thinks it’s okay to have an affair with a married guy.  They think it’s not wrong since they’re single.  If a woman wants to do that then that’s fine with her, but to say that it’s not wrong, is completely unacceptable.” – Remco Vanderlinden



“If I had to choose one thing that annoys me the most it would have to be a woman’s seemingly heightened sense of insecurity.  A woman’s insecurity regarding her physical appearance is especially complicated and annoying.” – Steve



“What annoys me the most about women is that they can be so fickle-minded. They’re always after the next best thing, easily swayed by other people’s things, and are never happy with what they have.” – Vincent

4 comments on “The Annoying Girl Moves Guys Hate

  1. Lila says:

    Very eye-opening responses from all of these hunks. 🙂
    Thankfully, I only fit 25% of the annoying patterns stated by these guys.
    Well, it’s our turn now on what annoys women about men.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, indecisive and insecure seems to be the common one with this variety of men. These guys are so right. There is nothing more beautiful than a genuinely nice woman with self-confidence, I think it would make a huge difference if women turn the focus on to others instead of constantly making themselves #1. By the way, I asked my husband the same question you posed to these men and he said “nagging.” 🙂 Well, if you just did what I asked the first time, then I wouldn’t have to nag, would I? 🙂

    • Vivien Veil says:

      I think some insecurity can stem from the copious amounts of female images that we see on a daily basis, i.e. billboards, TV, films, and magazines. I think some girls feel like they have to “compete” with other females at all hours of the day, which obviously is wrong. Not to mention how many men openly speak about their celebrity crushes. Some girls can’t handle that stuff. Hence, why some girls suffer from insecurity issues.

      Thanks for sharing your husband’s gripes about women. 🙂

  3. Crystal says:

    Oh my gosh, can I have them all!!!!!

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